Tuesday, 6 November 2012


I have been after a new music player for a year now.

After recently seeing an rather rare and nice set of headphones going for a third of their RRP it has become more of a priority now to find this player.

It is a nightmare out there for these it really is! Trying to find one you do not have to take a mortgage out for that has all I require and one that I am happy with and gets good reviews is ridiculous to say the least.

May companies charge a way over the top premium for an extra memory, when 16GB extra over 16GB is £7 or £14 for two sets of 16GB and those are prices for Sandisks, no cheap rubbish. But many of the famous companies insist on NOT including an Micro SD Card memory slot on their device because they want YOU to pay THEM £50 or more extra for what should cost £7!

I want to play lossless, or FLAC, audio files which take up a great deal of memory. I have also noted that the storage capacity of these SO-CALLED dedicated Music Players have hardly moved on in the last 18 months. They are obviously anything but true MUSIC PLAYERS as they do not cater for these audiophiles and instead that of people using highly compressed MP3 files.

Odd too is how all the major electrical stores do not sell ANY of the players out there that DO have memory card slots, which is odd when they SELL memory cards?!

This was true of PC World, Tesco and Sainsburys!

I did see a Sony NWZ A856 16 GB player going at a reduced price of £95 but, of course, no slot. The 32GB version is over £200, indeed I saw it for over £300 on Amazon?!

I do like the sound, no pun intended lol, of the Cowons and in particular the iAudio 10 but no slot yet again but the Cowon J3 looks and sounds perfect and WITH the memory card slot but no longer in production?!?!



I want a player that...

Is not limited by these stupid EU volume laws and limitations


ABLE TO STORE MORE THAN HALF A DOZEN FLAC FILES (OK that is sarcasm there lol) so 32GB should be minimum

Does not have a battery that dies in a couple of hours.

Does not cost the price of Richard Branson's island?! (Oh OK more sarcasm then! lol)

Has a good audio quality.

Bizarre then that after looking at dozens and dozens of these things (if I see ONE MORE player on Amazon I am going to head-butt my laptop screen!!) I have failed to find a single one that is currently available for sale at a sensible price?!

My word! What a mess this is all for corporate greed yet again. We only need AMD to go bust (joking as they wont) and e really will be stagnating again and big names ceasing production of certain things because they fail to understand that people do not trust them as they feck around trying to control what a customer does with the product they just shelled out a shed load of cash for!

Are you listening Sony & Apple?

I loved these two companies and the one of the ones I like currently is Samsung. But all my life it has always followed that the company I like that is innovative with great products turns big, corporate, greedy, controlling and evil so I guess all my current companies will end up on my hated list in a few years, lmao!

God I hope not!

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