Monday, 26 November 2012


I have been seeing many sites mentioning the demise of AMD along with talks of looking for a buyer and even complete disappearance of the company altogether.

There is also talk of the next FX architecture, codenamed Steamroller, likely called the AMD FX-8550 and FX-8520 if previous naming conventions are followed but I seriously doubt this too.

The way I see it and I know not his motives but there is a character out there that seems to be feeding much of this frenzied information and there are too many idiots out there who are so quick to want to repeat anything that is a case of sensationalising for the goal of getting hits.

Right at the source of all this is the OBR hardware website and never before have I ever come across such on opportunist that leans so far in one direction that you have to come to no other conclusion that he is either on the payroll of the blue company or indeed has been promised something. I know now what country he is based in but maybe there are certain things 'missing' from his country he has been promised?!

So much is his incessant ramblings on false information on AMD's products, guessing correctly did not make him correct the first time around, that it stands out that he is in pursuit of something or some benefit from all this.

In fact what I find most interesting is the way he reacts on his site when he does GUESS it correctly and he comes over as surprised and the use of exclamation marks run riot everywhere. A message to the site owner is this, you have a 50/50 chance of getting it right and from what I have read you do not even manage it 50% of the time so do not over-react and leap about the place when you do guess correctly... anyone truly intelligent and not just banding about figures prised from a piece of software you will be seen for what you are.

Not only that only a complete MORON would want to see AMD disappear and that is a fact, no two ways about it, signed sealed and delivered for free. A MORON!

That is outside of those that have shares in the big blue company or have been promised certain ... benefits should the green company disappear.

If there are Intel fanboys baying for AMDs blood then they are morons too I am afraid and should get out of IT and computers as it is for intelligent people and not idiots! Or at least keep your statements and opinions to yourselves and do not invite ridicule and attack from people that have 50% more grey matter than some of you do?! LOL!

Hopefully I have guesses correctly on AMD and in a few months time some engineering samples of Steamroller will be out in the wild as since the introduction of Bulldozer and the SLIGHTLY disappointing figures I had ear-marked Steamroller, AMD FX-8550, Kaveri, call it what you will, as the big thing in AMDs  goals and our wants!

Mention Intel's Haswell, despite my surname being Haswell, and I will tell you to get a life!!!

Do not promote the capability of something that not only do you know nothing about but not even had an engineering sample released.

My estimations are based on things now very likely to be implemented on AMDs chips in the very near future, certainly in 2013. These are based on things I have read and what is likely to be achievable by what is now long overdue on AMD CPUs and must be not far away now, a die-shrink and FPUs per cored, ending this module is only one core with hyper-threading, yes that is why it has two cores dickheads?!

I see Haswell as more of Intel selling you an eight core chip that does not work!

So with Christmas 2012 and 2013 fast approaching I will be keeping an eye out for anything doing the rounds out there as well as any news on the 1090FX motherboards, if that is indeed what they will be known as, following recent naming convention again?!

Sometimes i do not to get to cheack around the Internet for this news as I am concentrating on facts that I DO have and not supposition and when this manages to stretch for a couple of weeks or a month I then have a good feeling I will pick up something new, from all the waffle banded about by bedroom  and armchair experts.

Oddly here is something else I had thought of, I had seriously considered what I would do if AMD vanished and we returned to those dark old days of years gone by? I thought it would be time to jump ship, NOOO ROTTEN APPLE?! LMAO. I honestly do not know what I would do but may have to consider something I never would have before. BBBRRRrrrrrr, a shiver just went down my spine?!?!?!


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