Thursday, 15 November 2012


Right for my new found plans and what I want to do I think that a tablet is unavoidable as a necessity.

Now when I say tablet you may think of an Apple iPad type device but I was thinking more a straightforward graphics tablet to created my own artwork. So much easier than a mouse I can tell you.

So I been having a look at the Wacom Bamboos and ones I know from the past but to get anything wireless you are looking at over £300...

Now two things have emerged out of this search on is actually paying for something that will actually pay dividends and the other is that the Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1 with its Smart-pen has just launched?!

This includes a four core processor! SD Card slot, hmm why do tablets and phones all have SD Card slots when MP3 players do not?! Ohh not going down that road again ... yes so I CAN acquire a dreaded tablet via Littlewoods ... SHUDDER, but it will allow me to complete my current project to a much more professional and polished level!

So I will see how it goes with my project and maybe in a months time I may have to join the tablet crowd after all after swearing I would never do it?!

It will be useful to surf the net and browse Amazon's website on it than using my smart-phone or dragging my hot 17 inch Hewlett Packard Pavilion DV7 upstairs at night!

I might not even need the laptop any longer and then only needing to build a rig?! Groan! After I spent a month slowly upgrading the RAM to 8GB too?! Typical!!


The Best Laid Plans...

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