Friday, 30 November 2012

PC Format Magazine & Custom PC Magazine on AMD FX-8350

OK today I caught these two articles and was more interested in their overall scoring of this chip. To be honest they are both big name magazines and ones I have turned to since the dawn of time, almost literally and I think I owned issue 3 of PC Format prior to even owning a pc, think B-17 Flying Fortress featured in it, and Custom PC I had the first two dozen issues?!

Now over time one of these has changed and demeaned itself while the other is still a class publication and it is very disappointing as the one that has sunk low should know better. But they do not.

Now here we go and there is a big discrepancy between the two and I am going to go with one over the other as it made more sense. The Magazine that made no sense is the one out of the two that should know and I really do not know what has happened to it of late, but I could hazard a pretty good guess?!

PC Format scored the AMD FX-8350 gave it 4/5 STARS and said they had struck 'GOLD' this time around. They admitted they would rather go for the AMD FX-6300 though I would not at the prices I have seen the FX-8350 for?! But I can see why they would say that.

Custom PC Magazine gave it a measly 59% and totally shocked me. This is just utter madness and is typical of what I have seen from Custom PC since they were taken over and entangled or owned by BIT-TECH and have become biased beyond a joke.

In fact I am sure I emailed and tweeted as much to them a couple years back, oddly did not get an answer as I am obviously a lower life form so much I do not warrant an explanation.

Custom PC has turned from a real class magazine to utter trash and I have literally gone in a few years from buying just about every issue they produced to flicking though it, putting it back in Sainsburys while shaking my head and not buying a copy for three years now?!

It a company is involved is selling or manufacturing goods they should NOT be allowed to own a Magazine. Now anyone can say what they like about his but I would only tell you where to get off, you want an informed opinion when you read a magazine and an unbiased one. Simple as that or there is no point in shelling out the ludicrous prices they charge for them these days is there?!

Bearing in mind that of these two magazines it is PC Format that is more game oriented than Custom PC and with the former saying it would make a good budget rig and the latter basically sscaring their readers from buying it!

Now they have made it obvious for sometime that they are biased, well blatantly so to me if not to others but not much I can do about that, and I would go months and you could not find a mention of AMD anywhere in the mag?! Curious, do you own shares in Intel and nVidia by any chance?! LMAO!

Well does make you wonder!

Oddly this kind of behaviour is not only harmful to the industry, based on wrong facts really, but also harmful to themselves as if AMD disappeared so would Custom PC Magazine. After all with only Intel producing CPUs, nVidia producing GPUs and Tablets overtaking everything the very notion of a Custom PC Magazine would be, well pointless. Unless the switched it to an annual magazine?! LMFAO!!

No sorry I cannot see me ever buying an issue again after today which is a shame as I thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread when it first launched. Will be PC Format only for me from now on!

It is a real shame that this sort of thing goes on really. God I hope they do not find this and do something really stupid like try and defend themselves as in my experience people like that do not do this very well... that of someone on Squidoo who was obviously staff for the NHS and just came out with a throw away line which proved nothing nor explained what he was on about or even who or what he was defending. Umm if he was defending something ... I think he was, lol.

Just because your a member of staff, writer, Doctor nurse or whatever it does not mean to say that if you open your gob intelligent words come out and even when they do they need to be in the correct order?!


Still back to topic. It was encouraging to read PC Format say that and hats off to them for being straight down the line on everything over the past, umm 20 years?! lol.

As for Custom PC, how the hell do you give 59% to a CPU costing £165 that multi tasks a fraction slower than an 8 core Intel i7-3770k?! You bloody morons! LOL.

Sorry you deserve that, you are called Custom PC you know, maybe change your name to Custom PC Gaming PC For Rigs Built To Run Games Utilised for Intel Chips Only, or just CPCGPCFRBTRGUFICO?!

Hahahaha! Hmm should that last 'i' be a 'u'?


Too bad and a real shame.

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