Sunday, 25 November 2012

Sweex Optimuo 4GB

How does it come to be that you can buy a Music Player that does not even read its own built in memory right here in the UK?

This one looked very cool and nano looking and not really wanting to spend a vast amount of money on one of the big names who for some reason REFUSE to manufacturer portable players of Lossless, MP3s and Videos without an SD Card reader when their phones, which primarily errr phone, have them installed on all but the cheapest models?!

Here then is a picture of my Sweex Optimuo refusing to read its own memory and to be fair it only does this 50% of the time and the other 50%?

Well it then refuses to read the best SD Cards in the industry and even Sandisk Ultra Cards?!

Now this would not be so bad if it had 32GB instead of its 4GB and I could then put a 32GB card in it and put the same favourite songs and albums on both and know that I could then ALWAYS listen to what I wanted without fail?!


It also alters the volume level, decides what it wants to play when it IS deciding to read its own memory, the buttons are stupidly arranged by someone seriously drunk or high and the screen quality is appalling and the pictures of this player are deliberately misleading.

I was nder the impression it showed album covers?! You must be joking?!

It is also slow and unresponsive.

The volume level was good though and was better than anyone smartphone I owned, well when it was not turning its own volume down though. Adjusting volume was badly designed too and do not think you get dedicated volume buttons, oh no. You press the volume button on one end and then go to other buttons to go up and down.

I quite literally could have got a 5 year ols to design the buttons in a more logical fashion!

Avoid Sweex at all costs. LMAO I know I will!

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