Friday, 19 October 2012

DCS Black Shark Problems

OK after a long wait DCS Black Shark finally turns up...

Freezes several times trying to install it! Then manage to get it to install and takes forever and I am thinking I hope this is good for the wait and trouble?!

Then it runs fine and I go into options and set resolution at 1600x900 only to find my mouse pointer then disappear and I have to GUESS where the mouse pointer is?!

Not solve that problem as yet and downloading a patch for it but turns out it is 450MB?!

Manage to go to instant action only it asks e for a serial number that the product has not got WITH IT?!?! GRRRRRR!!!!! Supposed to be printed on back of Quick Start Guide but not included in the case nor the envelope, what you get for saving £2.00?!?!

Email the seller on Amazon and rip a few shreds and god help them if they say anything stupid?!?! LOL, especially as I paid a little under the full price and have now discovered there is a DCS Black Shark 2?!?!

Emailed the publishers about both issues and hoping they will provide a serial but I seriously doubt it so likely going to have to return it for a refund?!?!

That is what you get for doing things the CORRECT WAY?!?!

Man alive, why do I bother?!?!


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