Sunday, 21 October 2012


I purchased a game, attempts to keep me occupied AND grounded, called DCS Black Shark. You can see from my other blogs that one of my interests is gaming and on the PC.

Well I purchased this game on Amazon but through a re-seller and after some time and alot of trouble getting it installed I then set the resolution to match my screen, 1600x900, and the mouse pointer VANISHED?! It was there just ... invisible! I then spent several more hours moving the mouse and GUESSING where the pointer was on the screen in an attempt to change the resolution down to 1280x740 in the hope that the pointer would re-appear! You can guess from the time this took I was that successful but I eventually achieved it and my pointer e-appeared!

I then went back into options and maxed out all graphics and then stupidly tried again with maxing the resolution out and oh back to the guessing games again.

Eventually and after what must have been four hours or more and now late I hit the instant action button after plugging in my Thrustmaster Joystick. Then I was presented with a dialogue box requesting a code! Grrr!!

I searched high and low but there was no code and I was now 'chomping at the bit' and got to that stage where you have an irresistible urge to turn your laptop into a Frisbee?! Turns out after a search on the Internet that there was supposed to be a paper based Quick Start Guide in the DVD case with the disc that contained the Serial Code and was missing.

Very miffed about this I contacted the seller and was somewhat sarcastic while trying to remain calm.

The guys name was Daniel and although he reacted a little to me sarcasm to which I reacted a little too he then made some offers and did en exemplary job of customer service.

I still cannot and have not played the game I have had my eye on for over a year now but it matters not, lol. I Was that impressed with the fact that the conversation did not degenerate into some spat and his handling of it that I decided that I would use Daniel and his Store, called Trade-N-Go, on Amazon of a fine example of what CUSTOMER SERVICE SHOULD BE LIKE, even in a worst case scenario and a miffed off customer.

Now we only need to clone Daniel and each one in charge of the Energy Companies, Mail Order Catalogues, eBay, Public Offices and a long list of OTHER organisations and we will be sorted.

You might want to read my other blog,, to see what the hell I am on about on that subject, lmao.

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