Saturday, 27 October 2012


Well so much for what a PC technician told me on the phone about this Windows 8 (and only a release candidate too) 'it is brilliant ... oh really good'.

From the things I have read and what I have seen in videos, and BBC Click, it has me somewhat confused...

They have focused primarily on the touch screen element because of tablets and yet not all software works for it, flicking over the a desktop screen on running it.

Then they removed the Start Button from that Desktop Screen?

Looks like a real pain if you do not have a TOUCH SCREEN MONITOR AND I DO NOT WANT ONE, as I do not relish the idea of wiping my screen every 180 seconds?! Maybe a wait until anti smear surfaces are applid to touch screens?! Anti-smear I hear you ask well Oakley have bloody sunglasses that do not smear so what better excuse than to put it in the things you are SUPPOSED to touch?!

Groan!! LOL!

I am not a big fan of the design of the tile interface it must be said. I liked the sound of it all when the little snippets of info were coming out and quite how they removed, or I should say did not provide, the option to go to a normal desktop screen like every other Windows has done previously I will never know.


This might be OK for tablets but for desktops I would not go near it.

I come from an industry and an academic background where Microsoft was disliked. This was mostly in part to what people heard about Steve Ballmer and his string armed tactics. He is seen by many as the sole reason there have been these actions against Microsoft with anti-trust, anti competitive law suits and I hear another one is on the way in Europe, once again over browsers. YAWN.

What is with that Steve Ballmer? Is he on drugs? Leaping around at a conference like a demented animals and I always think 'MADMAN' when he is ever interviewed. Those glaring eyes do not help his cause much!

He has spent years at Microsoft and behind many believed that his bludgeoning method with Microsoft and competitors purely came from what was reported at the time as his military background. This would be hard for me to say one way or the other as I do not know the man and they were purely rumours.

However the end results are just the same never the less...he comes across as insincere whenever I see him on BBC Click and find myself wincing and reaching for the remotes mute button until he disappears. He also talks about the products but he is clearly not an engineer or a technical man and sounds like a really bad and really over the top travelling salesman for shower curtain rings and would fit right in playing the spare wheel in that old comedy hit Trains Planes & Automobiles with veteran comics John Candy & Steve Martin!

I also die a little inside when I think f the things Microsoft could and should of done, as well as the things they should NOT have done, if he were NOT at the company. Despite his ape like leaping and banshee like screaming at the conference about how much he loves this company?! Anyone else wonder who he was trying to convince?!


So Windows 8 is not not only looking like another one of those Microsoft Balls-Ups they seem to do every now and then but just may well be the biggest one of all in my book.

They had better pray every night it takes off in tablets but against the competition, oh dear .. no.

This is typical Microsoft and Steve Ballmer as it seems they have now deserted desktop owners, I cannot see many being happy with Windows 8 in all honesty, because the market has shrunk a little and they think they can now barge there way onto tablets and phones. No Mr Ballmer, you cannot!!

What they should have done is released TWO versions as they obviously are miles away from achieving what they had planned but no, get it out, do not worry about usability, intuitive interfaces and therefore our customers let us just make a load of cash again and force people to keep upgrading.

It has taken its time but I now wonder what the desktop percentages will be in a couple of years between Linux & Windows?! My god I might have to migrate over the the dreaded rotten Apple?!



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