Tuesday, 2 October 2012


OK side stepping way from the main blog for some attention to be given to my other posts.

On Sunday previous something rather bizarre occurred I can not quite fathom out so I am just going to explain it here, this is despite half expecting it but how it took place makes no sense whatsoever.

As I stated previously I have a 64 Bit Windows 7 laptop with an AMD Phenom X3 and a Radeon HD 5470M Graphics Chip. I failed to realise it could actually run games, listening to idiots on forums, and only realised it could 8 months after owning it. The laptop only had 3GB Ram installed and knowing this was really not enough for WIN7 64 I wondered if doubling it would make a difference to gaming as well as the OS.

Now as I stated previously many seemed to state that this would have no affect, I did not ask I only read forums whereby others actually asked on the same sort of system and going from 3GB to 6GB. Everyone seemed to say know, probably the same experts that want to talk about why the latest processors do NOT perform as they wanted and making future predictions on many companies that they think will no go bankrupt because of it, God that are business experts too?!

Well I went ahead and ordered it and I did post something about it the fact I tested it with Elder Scroll Oblivion and there appeared to be no difference whatsoever. Slightly disappointed as I thought that with so man programs vying for that fairly small 3GB would be slowing things down across the board.

Well on the previous Sunday one brother and my nephew turned up and the have and play a PS3. I had spoken to them previously and my renewed, and long overdue, interest in gaming and the games I had been playing. So they turned up to take a look and a play as they had not played them themselves.

They worked there way through Elder Scrolls Oblivion first before spending an hour on DiRT 3. My brother wanted to go but his son said he wanted to play Fallout 3 for awhile before they did. So he played that while we chatted about different things. Eventually my brother became interested in the game and went and sat beside his son and watched him play. Once they left Vault 101 in the game, and after complaining it was slow and I said just wait, they were making statements like 'oh this is really good' and 'god look at those graphics' the latter of which surprised me. Yes I had previously told them they were good but they owned a PS3?!

Now I had not played Fallout 3 for a couple of weeks and therefore way before my RAM turned up, concentrating on Elder Scrolls and X3 Reunion in the meantime. But after listening to them and trying to remember the tricks, tips and different creatures in the game I then wanted to play it after they had left.

Later on a put it on and was in an underground section and before long managed to get back out into the Wasteland. Only when I did I walked about 20 yards before I noticed something and stopped and thought 'hang on here a minute!' The game was different, VERY different! Suddenly the scenery looked much better than before and the lighting was also different. Reflections were different too but most of all water was radically different looking to how it was when I last played the game?!

I was dumbstruck and it seemed like a different game the improvements were that great but the odd thing is I had NOT changed any setting at all. None! I had messed around with the setting and what it was on previously was the most I could get away with but now it was all very different and running just as smoothly as it had done before. I had wondered whether my nephew had altered the settings but then remembered I ran the game!

The only conclusion that I can come to is that some features I turned on, which seemed to make no difference to my eye anyway, did not run purely because it needed more RAM and that when I installed the 4GB stick suddenly these features suddenly switched on?!

Now I might have expected to have raised to setting a little and improve the visuals with the new RAM but I did not expect things to IMPROVE on their OWN.

What makes it even more bizarre is that the game is by the same company as Elder Scrolls and is a younger game! But I cannot get Elder Scrolls any higher on the setting ans still run smooth while Fallout 3 looks better anyway and now far better?!


God I stayed out of this tech for too long!! LMAO.

Now I cannot leave Fallout 3 alone for 5 minutes lmao.

Wonder if I would get away with it with another 4GB, which will then run in DUAL CHANNEL (twice the speed)??

Pushing my luck no doubt lol

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