Sunday, 21 October 2012


After years of admiring their products but ending up owning and using printers by just about everyone else I have now been using a combo printer and scanner I adore... fact whenever I look at it I think about getting something higher up the scale?!

This was an EPSON SX-535WD Printer.

Wireless works extremely well, last one was ... tricky and a different company.

I have had all the major makes over the years and all were good in varying degrees, though they did all suffer from the exact same problem and I hope this model is NOT affected by it.

My first printer was a Lexmark and over they years I have owned HP's and a particularly nice Canon PIXMA (wireless).

I always wanted an A3 Printer and would by one tomorrow by Epson if I could and these were even considered the number one brand way back when I was at University!

This was one of the necessary things I simply had to buy and at the price I found it for, around £70, I just had to buy it then and there as it was less then half price?!

Had I had the funds, mind you, I would have bought the up to date model that had just been launched and maybe in the Spring of 2013 I might just do that!!

First time I would have updated a product BEFORE it died!!

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