Wednesday, 10 October 2012


OK here is a bit of news that came to me via Twitter and PC Format Magazine...

An old hero of mine, Chris Roberts, who started off with the old Wing Commander series of games has been working on something for the last year.

To say that I was astounded at what I have seen, heard and read would be one of the greatest understatements of my life.

I had often wondered what had happened to him and it seems he took a ten year sabbatical after burning himself out but now is making a comeback!

He also wants to utilise the full power of not only TODAY'S PCs, consoles not allowed I am afraid, but also of the power that will be available over the coming year?!

To state his exacts words he wants to "MELT YOUR PC"?!

OH .. MY .. GOD!! I think I just soiled myself?!

Now here is a link and I suggest you watch the video and listen to this guys views?!

I am rather excited and I will fall on my sword if I do not have the RIGHT PC built by the time this is launched!!

Curiously the talk is a 2014 release but in all honesty the massive amount of eye candy in the videos and the humongous scale of the battleship interiors are head spinning and it looks like a great deal is already done to me?! Another 18 months to launch makes me wonder just how big this thing is going to be?!

Prepare for salivating and get out the dinghy!!

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