Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Despite my ongoing reluctance to own a console I am always interested in the technology that they employ and the companies they turn to for the hardware.

Of course their are THREE main contenders that everyone looks for when I new system is going to be released in the not too distant, oh OK DISTANT, future...

Intel for the CPUs
AMD for the CPUs and GPUs (Graphics)
nVidia for the GPUs or (Graphics)

The two main machines, Sony PS4 and XBOX 720, have been curious by the absence as regards rumours or leaks to what technology they will use. Sure and as ever there are no end of rumour mills circulating the net and like with the major PC CPU releases and next iPhone there is no end of falsification going on.

But we have been given and shown details of the upcoming Wii U but nothing on the big two?! I had envisioned earlier in the year that this Christmas, 2012, there would be at least one release and that about now the Internet would be awash with pictures and details but there is nothing?! Curious.

Now I remember seeing pictures of the Sony PSP over a year before its eventual release and when launched was exactly as pictured in one of the top gadget magazines, Stuff I think it was. But other then the silly mock ups that some poor soul spent months faking, god knows why, there is nothing concrete and no talk of a launch as of yet.

I cannot help but wonder if these big two are now highly suspicious and the rivalry, and possible of what is at stake, is causing them to keep their cards close to their chests until the very last minute! Indeed the PS4 was rumoured to make an appearance recently but instead we got a new SLIMMER THAN SLIM PS3?! Why would you do that? With a machine that is now very long in the tooth why on earth would you plough money into it? A game of misdirection? Who knows.

So I wonder whether or not one or both are secretly planning a pre-Christmas release but do not want the rivals to know, or indeed one is having difficulties with finalising the machine, or indeed BOTH the machines, and do not want the other to know?!

Well it will be interesting to see hat happens and despite the talk of a Spring 2013 release I really do think that in this economic climate that a pre-Xmas release is surely a GIVEN!

A couple of months time will surely show us the answers to that.

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