Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Apple Shares Down

Was bound to happen and been expecting this for done time now.

A prime example of a combination or getting TOOK BIG, testing on your laurels and worst of all thinking that you were do brilliant that customers would but your products even when several others are way better?!

Now you have the Samsung SIII, SIII Mini, HTC ONE, and best of all the Sony Xperia Z.

I am sure over the next few months you could add several more to that list too?!

Then they will release something a little better than the others I mentioned with the iPhone 6 just as the others are all about to improve their products again?!

Seems they have never manged to get it right ever since their rubber bands iPhone. You know the one that needs a river band to work?! The iPhone 4, it 4S I cannot remember.

Do not like the iPhone 5 either and whoever it was who also ridiculed Apple for not altering their User Interface on the UPS, well I could not agree more!


I did actually like that phone until that fiasco occurred.

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