Saturday, 20 April 2013


I am BEGINNING to try out over flavours of Linux and I did like the Mint one, at least to look at?!

Now..not sure how far I can get into this as I need more, not to mention faster SD Cards and/or USB Memory STUBS, lol, and time but I have ha both benefits cancelled so could be homeless in a few weeks putting an end to all my blogs, the ones with the false numbers presented to me, and my pursuit eo acquiring an income I was about to start getting it...THREE MONTHS LATE AT LEAST, LOL.

Still I have managed to put PORTEUS on a memory card with a multi boot program called YUMI.

Alongside Porteus, which I thought was quite night and diminutive size and truly FEELS portable, I also added Linux Mint 11, which went wrong, and changed it to version 14.

I also installed Ubuntu 13.04 and that has been it for now.

I also have, and tryiing and managing to get my head around what they are, KUbuntu, XUbuntu, MythUbuntu, Zorin, PC Linux OS, SMS, SentOS, Fedora and likely a few others besides.

Now Porteus is designed to run from a USB Memory stick long term but I thought I could check out the others.

I did kind of like the GUI for Linux Mint with its Aero like look if I am honest but it oddly REFUSED o connect to my wifi hotspot and has been the ONLY Linux OS to do that?! A shame.

The trouble with other versions of Linux is that I am interested and hoping that something comes from the Linux Steam Client! As far as I know it is only available on Ubuntu and I presume this is ALL the Ubuntus?!

I was also shocked at the Ubuntu 13.04 as a look in the details section showed I had an AMD driver installed which probably means I can get Counter Strike to work as it refuses to under 12.04!

So I may do an upgrade especially as I keep reading that 13.04 is speedier that 12.04, which in all honesty can make Windows 7 look quick at times which for a Linux OS is somewhat shocking, lol.

I seem to have come to the conclusion, finally, that KUbuntu is a KDE Ubuntu and XUbuntu is a simplified X-Window driven Ubuntu?!

I am hoping to check them all out over the next few weeks and I would not mind having a go with Arch too!

I have to admit that outside of Ubuntu the two that caught my eye was Mint and Arch in all honesty. Now I have seen Mint I do thinks it is a better GUI but I want to play around to see if I can get the damn WIFI to connect and if the colours can be altered from the drab grey default colour.

I do like the way you can add widgets on it too. Had the more polished feel and look to it I found in Mint and oddly although I like the Unity Ubuntu look I did feel it needed work on the launcher as it is very limited in personalising it and that folding of icons at the bottom is annoying and fiddly and I had hoped that you could turn that off and just scroll with it.

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