Monday, 22 April 2013


Well everything was working OK for awhile and I enoyed working with it but some odd things have started to happen.

Now I am sure I am being watched closely and that my many blogs on here and the one on Wordpress is being...interfered with in some way is I get impossible numbers.

But lately I have had this version of Ubuntu start having... odd prblems not only with speed but when it comes to CRASHING it is actually beating Windows 2 points to zero, lmao.

Firefx keeps stopping and freezing making posting to these blogs a pain in the arse so I am going to update it to 12.10 and THEN update it to 13.04 of Ubuntu.

I ran the 13.04 version from a USB key and it seemed to run OK and had proper AMD drivers listed in details.

SO hoping that the rumours and things I read about this being faster are true. I also think that little news snippet that came my way, about Canonical going out of business is far from the truth but let us see.Oddly the person that told me of this then said a few days later that he was going to install Ubuntu?!

Anyway right now I am well into the 12.10 version update and hopefully by tonight 13.04?! So I am going from Precise Pangolin, whatever that is, to Raring Ringtail and I will not even know the name of the version that will not be on y laptop for 2 minutes, lmao!!


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