Wednesday, 10 April 2013


OK a little late to the party this one.

I did mention that when I fitted the bay and removed the optical drive that I then actually needed to go and buy an external optical drive to actually place Skyrim and Fallout back on the laptop?! Hahaaa!

Well I did not do a piece on the said drive, in case people were interested. Despite the fact that for a DVD Drive PC World where way over priced, there were ones available on Amazon for £8 to £10, when I saw who the manufacturer was of their DVD drives added to the fact I was in a great deal of pain I decided to just buy it!

Just as I remember of this name of Lite-On the external drive is a class act and works a great deal better than the Optical Drive it replaced?!

Also you get the NERO Multimedia suite with it so not really over-priced at all to my mind, though I did not notice that Nero for Windows was included until I was home and had removed everything in the box, lol

Works with XP/VISTA/7 and also LINUX.

Writing on DVDs seems to be between 5x and 8x and 24x for CDs.

SuperAllWrite technology supports all formats of DVD and CD.

Smart-Burn for optimum writing and...

Smart-X for optimum data extraction.

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