Tuesday, 16 April 2013


After doing that little piece I did on Thief Deadly Shadows I got the shock of my life whil in my local Sainsburys and grabbed greedily at the latest PC Gamer Magazine as on the cover it stated that the Thief series is about to return?!


Ooooh BOY!!!

Now it has been awhile and I am telling myself not to get too excited.

Also I do not know if it is the same team or now and I have not read the magazine, well due to some financial constraints, upcoming hospital tests and6 other Hospital departments appointments and different areas of the government now trying extremely hard to stop me doing my corruption blog and reaching these appointments by nbow attemptng t make me homeless and cancel my benefits spending on anything has become out of the question temporarily.

Also a certain big company do not seem to be paying me when they were supposed to which was 3 months ago and the numbers are all falsified.

Yes so I am up against it all for the moment but I can still feel excitement about the return of Thief, lmao.

But I might have to wait until I have moved out of my cave or forest and have the funds to build a new Gaming RIG before I have the chance to play it?!

Never a dull moment now the yanks are running things?! LOL. Or should I say the WRONG YANKS?!

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