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Well. What do I day about this subject?

Had this idea banding around in my nogging for awhile now. Ever since November 2012 I kept thinking I was only a few weeks away from starting it. I ended up not getting into position to make the furry small purchase. It has evolved a few times in the lengthy period where every two weeks I thought I would make that purchase. That is eight times or 8 fortnights and I an still waiting.

In that time it has changed a few times and now a second rig has been added and is the only sensible solution to my plans. After well it is an age old adage that says work and play should not mix.

Of course one of these is LINUX and one Windows 7, note how I specifically said seven?

Now presently I am using Ubuntu with Unity and still trying to understand certain aspects and why certain things are actually slower than windows, to my absolute horror and confusion. Whether this is actually down to Unity I do not know yet, cue Peter who I would like to here more about on here if what he knows about LINUX and why he does not like Unity. I want to ask as that is the reaction I have had from quite a few and one guy said it took longer to get striping to things and I thought I had solved this.

I like the look if Unity but I have noticed done odd things about it. When first installed the launcher icons were huge bit scrolled very easy and quickly. But you could not alter the size and there was no transparency.

Cue a big battle with AMD drivers and now transparency is in, size is reduced and oddly the scrolling is now very crap and this annoying compacting of icons at the button which hinders use. In other words everything is slowed right down to be useless. Added to this the unique and very much liked for desktops available when first installed also have vanished. Very weird.

I download and overall My Unity but that does not help so I end up downloading Docky... Unlocking the icons that go off screen and add them to the new dock but the dock springs up when I want to scroll a window?!


Also annoying is opening up the Pictures folder which takes forever to show all the thumbnails. Again weird.

My laptop may not be the latest or greatest but should be far more than enough for LINUX as it is for Windows 7.

So if Rig gets built for LINUX it may bit be having the same LINUX OS I currently use. In this time I seem to have amassed a fair few others and need to set one up in the next few days.

This one is Porteus and operated entirely and happily from a USB drive. I have also acquired more speed from this overall of Windows 7 too as I downloaded an ISO and deleted the recovery partition with Hewlett Packard's shit install of Windows 7 and all its bloatware.

Would you believe that, and I an still coming to terms with this myself, that Elder Scrolls V Skyrim and Fallout New Vegas run noticeably faster than before?! Weirdly I also had installed previously that Razor Game Booster before this overall that was supposed to speed up games by turning things off. Well if it did speed it up it was barely noticeable and better advice would be given to write down your Windows key, in case the sticker gets rubbed it, download an official bare Windows 7 ISO and then delete the recovery partition and do a here install.

Word of warning I always say to people, as well as making it myself yet again recently and had my bacon saved by Ubuntu, is get your wireless adaptor driver and make sure it is the right one. Microsoft have not learned from XP that the one driver you need to have on the OS disc is one that gets you on the internet as with that you can get everything else!

Oh and rigging Windows to refuse to come out to play when another child us on the block! Doing that towards software that is free is extremely bad taste even for the leaping lizard!!

Unfortunate things for me have been skirt than they should be as I spend took much time trying to show governments, organisations and companies the error of their ways asking with their more naive our just completely unaware public if how they are really being treated.

In so doing I move from place to place and down alliance after alliance only to discover even more shady behaviour and my plans seem to extend further away still. Like a scene in a horror movie our some dream like state when your running ever faster toward the end if the tunnel or corridor and yet it gets further and further away.

All this time the people you have tried to affiliate with ire explain things to are making money for doing nothing while I'm told I'm a bustard sponger because I won't broke my already hurt back because my government only see back breaking work as proper work while they earn money while on a golf course.

I digress.

Still I think that I am very close now to either doing that or divulging something very serious. I have had to do some...other things elsewhere and attempt even...MORE affiliations in the hope of finding someone who does not use or abuse either people or their lofty position of power.

As fir those in lofty's a long way down! The higher the lofty position the further and faster you fall to the ground.

Funny as I thought this was common knowledge and it seems that these people have also forgotten that their are still icons and people that represent good on this world who will NOT be impressed once they realise the true contempt that us secretly held for innocent people and lives and the level and widespread scale of abuse and the number of lives have been abused as will as ruined and not forgetting completely ended over their amoral behaviour.

Just a shame that a great deal of this involves the Internet and this even includes BUT using the Internet too. The Internet is USED when it suits organisations and then NOT USED when it suits them and there are no excuses.

This is exactly why I stated on my corruption blog how it would be quite funny that I have twelve blogs as they will on occasion back each other up by certain things cross crossing across them.

This is obvious when you think about it but not do obvious that someone could be in a unique position to see these different industries affected, infected, utterly destroyed our remoulded to serve then as if it is theirs by some sort of unspoken right.

What bass been going on is that the candles have all been ignited st either end and what worried me is that I saw this a long time so and I knew that before long the wider public would see it too. Of course any lecturing each western country had done towards others would feel a set if teeth from a foreign country sank deep into their arses if they ever found out too?!

Maybe this is what is already going on? After all everyone and his wife seems to get hacked these days and it us becoming much more regular. I know others are aware of the things I have been even if they have not done the work I have. They might have done things in different ways to new but I decided there was enough already doing that and my more in the face approach, audio recording and trapping by luring them to let it out the bag would be a refreshing change to the norm. Also I thought it was one they would not expect and if I kept cool I could keep it going for a fair old while.

Longer than I thought in all honesty and discovered fast more and nite shocking things then I actually ever thought. Also with big names I would never have thought too.

It is a shame that things are this way and I hope that one day it is discovered not only HOW but WHY it ended up like this?!

I was told by someone years so that the owner of Barns & Noble was a Satanist and I know not whether this was true or not. But ever since that Jehovah's Witness stated that "it is like Satanists are running this country" those words about Barns & Noble said to me about 16 years ago now keep ringing in my ears.

It was such a strange thing to hear and shocking that the words always stayed buried in my brain somewhere. I mean I an not religious but I think that people that are Satanists are not only very sad but if willing to treat people like they have then are very depraved and very cold people and I feel sorry for any family or children they might have.

Hopefully in time things will change and obviously so and a corner is turned in such a way that it is obvious to all watching and that means all of us.
We certainly need to see that things will change to relive the gradual build up of stress I have been seeing on every day people. After all I know where this leads and its but a nice place to be. If toy manage to survive it as I did then I doubt that the vast majority of people will be able to hold themselves back and in check as I have been able to do.

In fact that is what amazes people the most with me when they realise the truth us how I did it. Not just survive but how I have not killed anyone, ended up killing myself or in a mental institution and various other things.

Sure enough if there was ever a digging up if my God I would pity the fool who was tasked with checking all the days in here and anything else there may be as it would certainly not be for the faint of heart.

Yesterday my landlord say in my living room and he items his own building firm and items a number of properties in his family. I showed him my laptop and what I had done with it, the figures I had collected and then the camera 15 feet from my door and that they are everywhere but not on the Great Cambridge Road where all the stores are that were looted in the last riots. I said well they are not protecting the shops and businesses and from the placements in Enfield look to be protecting to Civic Centre which is the main Enfield Council HQ and in fact the pictures and movie I put on YouTube they were 300 yards from it and heading towards it as we watched.

Hmm well I think I roll get to build my computers but sometimes I think everything will just turn to shit before I do?!

I hope not but then these people do seem to be deliberately provoking the public further and further that I worry about what will happen once we have had a few Weeks if build weather and when the grip of the changes bite, you know the ones they keep telling everyone are both FAIR and that the poor will be better off?!

Well if council buildings end up getting trashed by objects our burnt to the ground then toy will be bloody wrong would you not?! Of course you skyway have a just of excuses as will as a list of people to blame for it all no doubt...

..only your are already in a tiny minority and this is getting ever smaller.

I dread to think what you're legacy will be but from the statements I have heard where Margaret Thatcher is being ripped off, find your bloody own lines for God sake, I would imagine they you have a very different idea of that to me?!

Somehow I think 2013 will answer all questions before it is through?! ever, will tell.

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